Our Partners

Nagle Pre-School is delighted to continue our partnership in 2021 with Regis Aged Care for our 4 year old kindergarten program. With generous funding once again from our Major Sponsor Sandringham Community Bank (now reaching $10,000), the Nagle and Regis Aged Care communities look forward to continuing this wonderful intergenerational program, should COVID restrictions allow. We hope to build stronger relationships amongst the young and senior people, and foster respect across the generations.

We plan for this to be a long-term part of our educational program as we see great benefits and learning opportunities for all involved. As well as this very important relationship building, children and teachers will walk to Regis on a regular basis, so additional benefits for children include road safety, learning about the environment and connecting with their broader community by visiting local places of interest.


Excerpt from Chng (Lifestyle Co-ordinator at Regis Aged Care) on the Intergenerational Program 2019:

We, here at Regis Sandringham, are so privileged to have Nagle Pre-School kids visit us monthly and our residents have the most amazing time with them. This intergenerational initiative has bridged the gap between the aged and children. Everyone always wants to feel young again, especially the aged. Well, they definitely gain this with their presence.
The positive difference made when they visit:
1. Engagement among the elderly, the laughter, the reactions make their day, and gets them geared up for what's coming
2. The sharing - children often share what they know and are proud of it. This is the best when the children be themselves and take charge of what they want to show and tell
3. Residents who suffer from depression, are gaining the benefits, allow them to spend the "happy session" with the children and are kept away from negativity
4. Makes them feel whole - often grandchildren visit their granny or great great granny on the weekend. So, this visit will shorten the "wait" between visits from the family
5. The atmosphere in the lounge room transcends to a happy wonderland. Residents always comment on how wonderful the children are and makes them feel young again
6. The community – residents are aware that this program is sponsored by Sandringham Community Bank - Bendigo Bank, they are so grateful and always looking forward to see the children weekly. Something to look forward to is a great feeling
We are so blessed to be part of this initiative and hope to see the kids again in 2020