Our Philosophy

About Nagle Pre-School

At Nagle Pre-School we are strongly committed to providing a kinder experience of the highest quality for your child.

Nagle Pre-School is an integral part of the Bayside area with a strong sense of community.

Our philosophy and programming are guided by the 'Early Years Learning Framework for Australia' and the 'National Quality Framework'.

We are proud to be meeting all of the quality standards set out under the new National Quality Framework.

We believe:

  • in the uniqueness and potential of each child.
  • children need to feel safe and secure.
  • in respecting children’s dignity.
  • in working cooperatively with families to ensure the wellbeing of each child.
  • in nurturing relationships between the kindergarten and the wider community.
  • a child's kindergarten experience is preparation for life, not only for school.
  • children learn best through play.

We aim to provide an environment:

  • that is safe, stimulating and enhances children's self esteem, autonomy and initiative.
  • where children can interact effectively and in doing so learn to balance their own rights, needs and feelings with those of others.
  • that is inclusive, that recognises, celebrates and builds on the strengths of the cultural backgrounds, languages, abilities and special needs of all children and their families, and staff.
  • that has a strong commitment to the ongoing professional development of staff.
  • that fosters collaboration amongst families, staff, children and our committee of management to promote a culture of continuous improvement and inclusion.

Nagle Pre-School acknowledges the support of the Victorian government.