Our Philosophy

About Nagle Pre-School

At Nagle Pre-School we are strongly committed to providing a kinder experience of the highest quality for your child.

Nagle Pre-School is an integral part of the Bayside area with a strong sense of community.

Our philosophy and programming are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the National Quality Framework.

After our rating assessment in October 2019, we are extremely proud to be 'exceeding' all of the quality standards set out under the new National Quality Framework.

We see children as capable, creative and enquiring. They are capable of decision making and exploring their own ideas. Their voice will be integral to the learning. Children will have agency whereby they can make choices about their learning and daily experiences.

Children’s rights are paramount. The safety, health and well-being of children is of high importance. Nagle is a Child Safe Pre-School. Read more here: https://www.unicef.org/rightsite/files/rightsforeverychild.pdf

Educators are committed to demonstrating sensitivity and initiating warm, trusting and reciprocal relationships with children and their families.

Families are respected and valued. Educators form a partnership with parents for the best interest of the child. Communication between families and educators is highly valued. Nagle is a welcoming and friendly place to be. Nagle has an open door policy. We encourage parents to visit at any anytime and join in the program.

We value and reflect diversity, different learning styles, interests, cultures.

Nagle Pre-School is committed to continuous improvement, staff development, critical reflection and educators staying current with best practices in early childhood education.

We acknowledge the Boonwurrung people, the traditional owners of the land. We are on a learning journey to learn more about the indigenous people and create a culturally safe environment.

We promote sustainable practices. We embed learning about the environment in everyday actions and decisions. Children learn about the natural world by being outdoors, playing in a natural setting with opportunities to garden, observe and be with nature. Children, families and educators value the outdoor learning environment at Nagle. Outdoor learning is important for children to be active, healthy and promotes a sense of wellbeing.

Nagle is a community of families and educators who collaborate and also develop links in the local community. Families can participate in many ways as part of the community.

This philosophy was created in consultation with children, families and educators (January 2019)

Nagle Pre-School acknowledges the support of the Victorian government.