Our Teachers

Joanna Mravljak

Educational Leader & 4 Year Old Blue Group Teacher

Joanna commenced at Nagle in 2012 and has broad experience in a variety of early childhood settings including kindergartens, child-care centres, residential child-care, foster care and as a former member of a committee for a pre-school.

Joanna believes pre-school helps to prepare children for life in the everyday world, by encouraging the development of; listening to one another, speaking and share ideas, respect for one another and the world around them, turn taking, patience, curiosity and seeing themselves as one of a larger group.

She provides a program that encourages active involvement through exploration, investigation and trial and error.

Tess Moran

4 Year Old Red Group Teacher

Tess commenced at Nagle in 2008 and has resumed teaching after having children. Prior to having children Tess worked as a teacher at a number of different kindergartens in the inner city.

Tess works to provide a calm, safe environment. The aim is for the children to feel a sense of belonging which allows them to follow their interests in learning; develops their confidence in a group setting and enables positive relationships to develop.

louise ohri

Louise Ohri

3 Year Old Orange Group Teacher

Louise Ohri (left) started at Nagle in 2007 teaching the four year old group and returned in 2011 after a long maternity leave break.

Louise originally trained as a primary school teacher, then studied special education and finally early childhood education.

Her work experience includes teaching kindergarten and special education in London and Jakarta.

Louise enjoys working with the other teachers to create wonderful play spaces for the children to explore and share.

These play spaces allow children to immerse themselves in a world of imaginative play which are revisited and extended over a period of time.


Maddi Knox

3 Year Old Orange Group Teacher 4 Year Old Red Group Teacher

Maddi Knox (left) is currently studying her teaching degree while working in a diploma role. She began teaching at Nagle in 2018 and works closely with both the four year old groups, Red and Blue. Maddi prides her self on the trusting connections she builds with both the families and children at Nagle and looks forward to graduating and continuing her teaching journey.

Our Co-Educators

Lorraine Izydorczyk

Lorraine Izydorczyk

Lorraine Izydorczyk joined the Nagle Pre-School in 2003 as a co educator. She works with the Red and Blue four Year Old Groups and encourages the children to explore their world, to develop their confidence, creativity and positive relationships.

Denise McAleer

Denise McAleer

Denise McAleer joined Nagle in 2005 as a co-educator in the three year old group. She is nurturing and caring and enjoys helping children have a great introduction into kindergarten life.

Roberta Oppedisano

Roberta Oppedisano

Roberta Oppedisano began as a co educator at Nagle in 2010. Roberta is valued for the warmth and enthusiasm she brings to the children. She is motivated to provide a safe, friendly environment for all the children. Roberta works with both of the Four Year Old Groups.