Nagle is sustainable in many ways including:
  • use of water tanks
  • use of solar electricity from our solar panels
  • use of composting
  • veggie garden
  • reduce, reuse, recycle
  • energy audit to help reduce our greenhouse emissions
  • rubbish sorting - at snack and lunchtime the children learn to use the waste, compost or paper recycling bins.
Nagle Sustainable Garden
Nagle Sustainable Garden
More information:

Since 2010 Nagle Pre-school has been operating as a sustainable pre-school utilising solar energy.

Nagle received a government grant to help kickstart the project. Mojarra Energy also contributed to the project and installed the solar panels and inverter.

The children enjoy growing, harvesting and cooking with a variety of veggies and herbs from our thriving kitchen garden. This program was further enhanced in 2019 by Hampton Rotary who generously supported the extension of our veggie patch into the front yard.

A Bayside Council initiative in 2019 saw Nagle assessed by 8020Green. This assessment identified opportunities to reduce energy and water use as well as review the ease with which waste can be managed sustainably. Infrastructure sustainability improvements from this report have been presented to Bayside Council which will save both energy and water.  

Teaching the children from a young age how important our environment is and the importance of sustainability is becoming increasingly important as we head further into the 21st century.