FlexiBuzz is an app based, private messaging platform used to broadcast information to the kindergarten community. This suite of notification and messaging tools make it easy to deliver timely information between parents, teachers and the committee.

At Nagle Pre-School, many of our day-to-day communications to parents are via FlexiBuzz. All new parents are informed on how to use the app once their child is enrolled.

For more information about FlexiBuzz: www.flexibuzz.com.au

What does FlexiBuzz do for me?

Using FlexiBuzz allows you to access up-to-date information about our kindergarten and your child’s activities. FlexiBuzz includes many different features, including the ability to:

  • Access to the Nagle community and your child’s classroom’s news feed
  • Inform staff of your child’s absence or lateness
  • Communicate directly with your child’s teacher
  • View and import the kindergarten’s calendar
  • Gain insight into your child’s in-class activities and excursions
  • Language translation

How do I Access FlexiBuzz?

FlexiBuzz is accessible on any modern web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) via a desktop computer or mobile device via an app. iOS and Android apps are compatible – simply search for FlexiBuzz in the App Store.

Some FlexiBuzz features are only available in the ‘app’ version and not the ‘desktop’ version. If however you tap on the menu icon in the app, there is an option to ‘Open in Browser’.

To access FlexiBuzz via your web browser on a desktop computer:

To access FlexiBuzz via the app:

  • Search ‘FlexiBuzz’ in your app store

What are the features of FlexiBuzz?

Reporting Absences

If your child is to be absent, please contact your group teacher via the one2one Chat feature. This allows staff to officially log the absence.

One2One Chat

Chat is a messaging system that allows class teachers and parents to communicate directly in real time. The Chat is ideal for day-to-day matters like your child’s interests, general wellbeing or experiences during the class session. Only you and your class teacher have ability to communicate directly to each other. That said, the feature is set up so discussions are visible to the assistant teachers. This is for cases of staff leave, but it also creates economies in information sharing between staff.
For private matters you wish only the lead teacher to know about, please speak to them directly or email them.

Automated Flash Notifications

When you set up the FlexiBuzz app on your portable device, you will automatically receive live notifications from Nagle when posts or one2one chats go live.
Please note: Any parents who have set up FlexiBuzz ONLY on their DESKTOP will not receive the live flash notifications. They would need to log in manually to check for communications. Only by installing the FlexiBuzz App on a portable device can you access this feature.


The integrated calendar feature enables you to save kindergarten events to your device.

What about security?

When you use FlexiBuzz you will notice a padlock appears in your browser. This is because FlexiBuzz uses a technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This means that your FlexiBuzz session is encrypted and secure.

How do I roll-over FlexiBuzz from my 3 Year Old Group Box to my new 4 Year Old Group Box?

We delete all class Boxes at the end of the school year. This automatically removes all parent Users from all class Boxes. Your FlexiBuzz account will remain active. When the new school year begins, you will receive notification how to ADD yourself to the new class Box with new password credentials. Important note: At the end the school year, ALL Orange, Red and Blue group posts will be erased. Save any class images now, so you don' miss out on keeping your child's special kindergarten moments forever.

How do I close my FlexiBuzz account?

For families leaving Nagle Pre-School, to close your FlexiBuzz account, please contact FlexiBuzz at support@flexibuzz.com and they will facilitate this. You can also uninstall the app, but this will not close your FlexiBuzz account.