Starting Kindergarten

Starting 3 Year Old Kindergarten

Children must have turned 3 years of age by the 30 April in the year they attend BUT can only attend once they have turned 3. Children who are 3 by the 31st of Jan in the year they attend can attend at commencement of term.

There are two options for 2 year olds turning 3 between 1 February and 30 April 2020, they are: 1. Register but stay on the waiting list with no offer made until the child turns 3. 2. Accept the offer and secure the place by paying full kindergarten fees (noting that the child cannot attend until 3rd birthday).

It is important to consider when to begin kindergarten. If you require any information, please talk to the teaching staff who will be happy to answer your questions.

Starting 4 Year Old Kindergarten

Children must have turned 4 years of age by the 30 April to be eligible to attend four year old kindergarten in that year

Families need to consider whether their child will go to school the following year. If a child is to access funding for a second year of 4 year old kinder they need to meet criteria. Children who are young and less mature will not necessarily meet the criteria for a second year of kindergarten.

In the year prior to school, the children start to focus and complete tasks independently. They learn to get along with peers and play cooperatively, sharing ideas and listening to friends. They take responsibility for their belongings and contribute to the group. They are developing resilience, friendship skills and learning to have control over their emotions.

If you are not sure when your child should begin kinder, please contact the teachers to have a chat.